Have you ever come back from your holiday more tired than before the trip? Do you want an alternative to long-haul flights, unnerving security checks and lookalike hotels?

Imagine a holiday break with no hassle, no queues for security or no jetlag. It is just you and your dear ones, the breathtaking scenery and fresh air. 

Discover the beauty of our country by water. 

Boating has been known to man for centuries and has been perfected to give you the best of tradition combined with modern technology. Relax while the stream takes you through the emerald-green countryside on a canal or explore the winding coastline with its secluded beaches. A boating holiday offers a variety of locations and routes. The choice is yours.

We are experts in Boating and are happy to offer you comfortable boats in different classes. The reservations team in our offices will discuss your holiday plans and advise you on the best option. Book with us by phone or email and our staff will give you the first-class service!

Why choose us.

Creating a memorable experience is at the heart of everything we do. We are proud to offer our customers the best for their holidays. Choose from a variety of boats and start locations to suit your plans. We are happy to cater for your every need and customize your holiday to your liking. Our excellent team of advisors will give you very professional advice and help you choose the best route and boat for your holiday.

Safety first.

Our company has a proven track record for safety and customer satisfaction. All our equipment is in mint condition thanks to regular checks and maintenance. We make it our point to go with the times and use the best of modern sustainable technology to make your experience hassle-free.

Our continued success relies on our outstanding team who are passionate about Boating. We employ highly-qualified and friendly professionals who take exceptional care of our customers.

Here is what our team members say: 

“Boating is the most rewarding business I have ever worked in very many ways. I am always surrounded by the best people who deeply enjoy what they do.”

“The best part of my work is seeing our customers’ eyes gleam with joy and excitement. After their holiday they come back refreshed and full of joy.”

“An elegant boat always turns heads, and when you are on a boating holiday – all eyes are on you!”

Go green.

A boating holiday is one of the greenest options as well. It is relaxing and healthy for you, and it is also kind to the environment, as it does not produce harmful emissions. We care for the wellbeing of our waterways and wildlife. This is why we are proud to follow environmentally-friendly procedures and use green technologies. 

Sit back and enjoy the breathtaking views with your favourite drink in hand – and it won’t cost the earth. With us, you will look at our country from a different perspective and get a new appreciation of our lovely countryside. 

“Let your boat of life be light, packed with only what you need – 

a homely home and simple pleasures…” – Jerome K. Jerome.